Thursday, 24 July 2014

Things I am mostly not finishing..

Here's a fact about me.. I'm faddy, it's a family trait on my Dad's side that we're all rather well known for, we're those folk that get called odd until we're old enough to be called eccentric and therefore 'cool'. I'm thirty one now so bordering into saddo territory, then there's midlife crisis territory, then I'll be eccentric.
 We're an odd sort , we have a desire to know everything, we need to learn and conquer and then when we know we can do it we lose interest.. we seem shallow, no?
We're not, we're really just bat crap crazy  (good fun crazy, not sleep with one eye open crazy)
There are many examples of this in my life.. Race downhill mountain bikes? Check, Work in a tattoo shop? Check, Physics degree out of boredom? Check, Bugger off to Scotland with a man I met on holiday in Greece? Check (incidentally for future reference in case any of you are considering doing similar,I wouldn't, it didn't go too well) I buy gadgets and stuff because I need them, like the telescope and the circuit trainer.
I'm also extremely conflicting, I love vintage florals, my home is lovely and airy with white walls and lots of pink and aqua accessories but I mostly wear black? I had the same haircut, colour and style until I was 27, then since I have looked like I'm channelling Joan Jett, Brigitte Nielsen and Spock, thankfully hair grows back and after going through various phases of the black/brown/ginger/red/brown/black rainbow I decided to go back to my natural colour which as it turns out is a mousy brown and err WHITE!! Needless to say I still dye my hair.

However there are a few areas where I don't lose interest after a 30 day cooling off period and it turns out these are my great loves..
Food.. eating it, cooking it, reading about it,
Decorating... I never seem to be not decorating or 'improving',
Running.. I LOVE running and missed it whilst cooking Junior,
Reading.. I couldn't live without books,
Music..  I'm from a family that has always played music everywhere, we even have a whole genre known as 'Sunday dinner music', every single memory I have of my childhood is accompanied by a song, holiday mixtapes with us all sat belting out 'Road to Nowhere', Jive dancing round the dining room with my Dad, made up songs about antelopes crying at parties (don't ask I did say we were bat crap crazy) My life has literally had a soundtrack :-)
 And last but by no means least..
Crafting, now crafting was a surprise, it crept up on me and wormed it's way into my affections without me ever expecting it and it still seems to be a source of confused humour to those that know me outside of the computer/iphone. But you see, I'm a bit of a home bird.. I own lounge wear and like having bare feet but mostly I HATE being bored, I need to have something to do and crafting filled the void of instant gratification

I started Crocheting 3 years ago after 'researching' for months (we won't talk about my obsessive need to research, it's linked to the whole no boredom/obsessive learning thing) from crocheting grew the desire to sew and then cross stitch and then embroider and i just love it all, it relaxes me and I don't have a soul in real life who is interested in any of it so I can be selfish with it too (the flip side is that I'd like actual craft minded friends.. must set up
Of course my faddiness means I don't do a lot of 'finishing' so I have MANY wips, here are a few I have on the go at the minute..

My first attempt at paper hand piecing Hexies
A baby vintage stripe for Matilda that needs finishing off

Frames for a feature wall above our sofa, these will never be finished because we could be moving.. I'll address that at a later point, instead I came up with the genius idea of blu tacking teeny tiny wooden pegs to the wall and clipping prints and photos to them. I'm nothing if not resourceful!

I also have a crochet Hexie blanket, a starburst square cushion, a V stripe blanket, a granny stripe blanket and a tonne of others.. you get the idea.. I'm hopeless

Anyway after that first monologue I should go feed a child or something, I hope you're all well anf I'm sure you're really interested now I'm proven to be both mad and lacking in focus ;-)
Steph x

*Disclaimer, it's a given that I love shopping and shoes and possibly children because I seem to keep making them


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